About linkpouch

Linkpouch is the best way to collect useful information in one place.
Why is that?
Linkpouch gives you the opportunity to create sets of information (pouches). Each pouch is filled with links found all over the web on a specific topic. These links can be submitted either by you or by the other users. The result is a pouch full of high quality content about the things that interest you the most.

What is really amazing is that all this content is added gradually based on your personal criteria. So you can create pouches containing links about your favorite football team, cars, artists, gadgets, websites etc. And don't forger that you are not alone! Depending on your settings, the rest of the linkpouch users can submit links that might be relevant to your pouch. If you like their submissions, just add them to your pouch! As time goes by, your pouch keeps expanding thanks to your effort and to the submissions of your linkpouch friends. As a result, you have all your goodies in one place.

If you love New York for example, you can create a pouch by the name NY where you can group together the hottest links regarding food, hotels, entertainment, museums, shopping etc. As a result all the Big Apple lovers, by simply viewing your pouch, will be filled with great ideas about places to go and things to do next time they visit your favorite city. All sponsored by you and your personal taste!

Why did you make it?
I started linkpouch to help people around the world collect useful information in one place. I thought: "I have so many interests. I spend so much time everyday surfing around the net and I find so many useful info. At the same time, thousands of users have the same interests as me and they find useful info as well. Wouldn't it be great if I could help them by submitting my findings to them and at the same time receiving theirs? It is more than probable that other users have discovered links I do not even know! If only they could submit them to me in order to add them to my collection..."

This is the power of linkpouch. It helps people improve their link collections!

Who can use it?
Everyone (as long as you are at least 13 years old).
How can it make my life easier?
Depending on the permissions you set when you create a new pouch, linkpouch can be used in many useful ways.

For pesonal archiving: You can use it in order to collect your favorite links in one place and keep them organized by placing them into folders. If your intention is strictly personal archiving, you can set View permissions: Private and in this way you will be the only one who can view and submit for this pouch. Another setting suitable for personal archiving is View permissions: Everyone and Write permissions: Private. This setup gives you the opportunity to use your pouch for personal archiving, since you are the only one who can add links, and at the same time users can view your links and get informed.

For collecting and sharing info: This is probably the most general case. You set View permissions: Everyone and Write permissions: Everyone. In this way your pouch receives and shares information with everyone. This is the perfect way to collect what you like in one place.

For promotion: Gather all the interesting links related to your bussiness/website and let your clients learn about you in a fast and easy way.

Control your info sharing: You have the opportunity to create pouches that can be viewed only by certain users which are authorized by you. Another option is the password protected pouches. This is a perfect solution for sharing information with non registered users. Create a password protected pouch, fill it with links and send the password to those you wish to have access to it. Use this option to share information with your collegues, classmates or students. Since users do not have to be registered, this can be extremely helpful in certain situations.