Linkpouch helps you collect and share information found around the web.
Find pouches full of useful links for your interests and the topics you like.
Create pouches and fill them with links submitted by you or other users.
Share your pouches with friends and let them enjoy your collection.
Linkpouch is a free service that allows you to create your own customizable sets of information.

By creating pouches, you can collect, in one place, links related to your subject of choice from all over the web.

According to your settings, these links can be submitted by you, by your friends or by everyone else. As a result, you can have a daily feed of information from users from all over the world, suggesting links that might be suitable for the topic of your pouch.

Afterwards, you can check the submitted links and, if you like them, just confirm them. After the confirmation, they are part of your pouch.

Your pouch keeps expanding as it is fed with more and more links. The result is a set of carefully selected links which become part of your pouch as they are the most accurate, reliable, recommended and useful around the web.

Let's make an example: My girlfriend is passionate about cooking so she creates a new pouch under the subject The best cooking places around the web. She decides not only to share but also to collect links from all users so she sets View and Write permissions to Everyone. That's it. Now she is ready to start uploading the links she likes about this topic and accept or reject other suggested links. As a result the best information around the web is gathered in one place. And the most important thing is that you can view her pouch and many more and find valuable information just with a click. It's fast, it's easy and it's all in one place!

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